Hi I Live Here Now

It's been a while since I've gotten myself to write about my favorite topic in the world. 

It's mostly because a lot has changed for me over the last few months. A new location, job, language. All amazing / life-changing / exhausting things. 

In my new job, I spend all day writing. When I get home, I find that I still need to write some more.(Can't turn down a well-paid freelancing job!) Not to mention that I should probably find some friends and also whoops make time for yoga. 


Catalan for women wanna live their lives

that’s not a direct translation

All of my work writing really interests me. And how lucky am I to get to do it all day? But nothing feels quite like coming here to write about women. My forever topic. 

So, tomorrow is International Women's Day. And what kind of International Woman would I be if I didn't acknowledge it? 

Here in Barcelona (Hi I Live Here Now) women are celebrating the day by orchestrating a female-led strike to stand up for equal pay and against toxic gender stereotypes. And obviously, I'm super into it.  

My initial instinct was that there was no way I'd have the time - I have too much work and I'm still in early stages with my job.  

But ... it's my ladies. So I got myself some lady courage and went to my advisor.

My intention was to ask if I could leave work just for a bit to check out the demonstration, shed a few tears at the beauty of strong women - because truly nothing gets me weeping like being in their presence - and then head back asap. 

You can imagine it. Me in a squeaky high voice prefacing each moment, like I was barely asking for what I wanted, "I can skip lunch and just go for like a second and come back as quickly as possible and you won't even notice I'm gone and I can stay late or come early the next day or literally whatever..."

She stopped me and said, "If you want to strike Thursday, I will defend your right to do that to anyone who has a problem with it."

Did I mention that badass women make me want to weep?

Tomorrow, I am going in to work, but I will leave early. Which in and of itself feels like a metaphor for the modern feminist experience - courageous enough to do it, but still looking to not make too much of a fuss. For goodness sake, I asked two different advisors for permission to strike!

In any case, I'm so excited to see what my new home has in store for me and my favorite topic. And I hope that as a content writer, I can actually find some time to write the content that I love. (Expect something from tomorrow's events!)

Happy Almost International Women's Day!


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