"Fifty Shades Freed" And Male Orgasm Structured Storytelling

Male Orgasm Structured Storytelling. What does that even mean? I honestly wish I didn't know. It's one of those ultra upsetting theories that you learn in the middle of your sophomore year feminist class, the one that you just thought might be a fun opportunity to meet some rad, smart ladies, and didn't realize was going to completely change the way you think and feel about every book, movie or story you have ever heard ever. Isn't that so fun?

So what does it mean? To understand that, let's first take a little trip back to 6th grade English class when we learned the structure of a narrative (or was it earlier than the 6th grade? when did we learn what we know??) 

The narrative structure, as we know it from basic education, is as follows: exposition, rising action, [hopefully] life-changing climax, falling action, and resolution. It's how stories work! ... right?


The theory of male orgasm structured storytelling states that even the way we understand narrative structure is inherently male. Feminist paranoia or real life? Let's explore!

By viewing our 'basic narrative structure' alongside the basic experience of the male orgasm, one might be able to see the parallel of which I speak. Men experience climax in the same way that we are taught to understand stories. A build up to an ultimate climax that then resolves. YES MALE BODIES.

But, as some have discovered, women's bodies can be quite different. 

Women don't necessarily experience sex along the same linear track - though it's likely that many attempt to in order to keep up with a popularized idea of sex. But females have the potential to find multiple climaxes of varying degrees throughout the entire narrative structure of a given sexual experience. Not to mention that they often continue the experience well past any orgasm that they're subject to have. YES FEMALE BODIES.

Now, if we are to understand that most stories follow 'basic narrative structure', this feminist theory implies that there are narratives that could, in the way the story is structured, be more relatable to females. [think multiple climaxes, non-linear, lots of margaritas]

And if this is wayyy too much and not something that you wish to read into every story ever, then that's fair! But at the very least, take a look at the Fifty Shades Freed promotional marketing.


For the skeptics out there, apply this idea here. What's up with Fifty Shades Freed implying that there's only one climax (when lotsa ladies know what they're capable of) and if it doesn't happen at the same time then you've missed the boat? And this coming from a franchise that is meant to promote female sexual desire!

If you want to promote sex positivity for females then know how female sex works. Come on Fifty Shades, you're better than that!

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