My film Perpeturaped and perpeturapetion reflection month


Official poster for the film

featuring the amazing lillian constantine

So last year I made a thing and next month it's going to be debuted at a badass women's film festival in California!

My short documentary, called Perpeturaped., explores the UK media's role in the perpetuation of rape culture. So, in honor of its release on the 28th, the whole month of April is going to be a meditation on perpeturapetion.

Yay…? Maybe!

For those that are new to the game, perpeturapetion is a word meaning the perpetuation of rape culture, that I basically made up for my Masters thesis (heyo higher learning). But it's really developed into something that I think we can all take some value from. 

It encourages us to go back and look at the media we've consumed and realize ... damn that wasn't great for women.

(Or maybe just gender in general! Can be any and all things)

DISCLOSURE: For the purpose of this month, we’re opening up the term rape culture to include any kind of negative gender stereotyping or narrativizing, as one could argue - and I’ve been known to - that all of these factors come together to create our rape culture. I get that this isn’t everyone’s interpretation of the phrase, but that's how it will be viewed here! 

SO WHAT’S HAPPENING?? I’m going to go back and talk about different media moments that meant a lot to me at the time but absolutely participated in perpeturapetion.

We'll break it down into 2 categories: symbolic annihilation, meaning the omission, trivialization, and condemnation of women in the media, and rape culture, meaning actual moments in media that celebrate or perpetuate sexual crimes.

It's going to be a whole month of ruining all of the things we used to love by taking a moment to remember that oh yeah there's a reason rape, sexual violence, and just general gender imbalances are a thing.  On both the blog and Instagram

Some examples will be such small moments that they almost seem insignificant. But they've haunted me ever since my feminist awakening. And now they can haunt us all. (Or at least the 5 of you that will follow this!

FUN...? I hope so!

Let me know media moments that you feel participated in perpeturapetion here or on Insta!

Perpeturaped. will be screened at the Artemis Women In Action Film festival on April 28th. It will also be available to be screened online through the festival. All information can be found here

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