'Stop The Spread' means the same, no matter the language

So turns out that dudes taking up lots of space on the subway is a problem that multiple countries face. Shocker

stop the spread

Who doesn’t love that they actually put ‘dude’ in this copy?

i wish i could claim responsibility for this

People don't like large sweeping generalizations about gender - and FAIR enough, ammiright?! But there are times when we need to step back and recognize when something is a cultural trend with far reaching impacts that mean more than just "dude can you take up less space".

For people who have difficulty understanding this particular gripe - that being when *typically* men spread their legs on the subway (or metro, I do live in Barcelona now) while *typically* ladies huddle themselves to be as small as possible  - I'm about to lay down some feminist theory for you. 

Men, from a young age, have been taught to take up space. We want them to be big and strong. That's what a 'masculine' and 'desirable' man does. He calls attention to himself. He makes himself large. 

Women, from a young age, are taught to make themselves smaller. Not to make too much fuss. To cross their legs and take up less space. 

Think about it - what does a 'feminine', 'desirable' woman do? She sits nicely, looks amazing and small. Like the teeny tiniest she can be. 


Spanish for close your damn legs

which, ironically, could also be rape culture because we should be allowed to have our legs open

And for anyone who has a "wait but what about this one example of a loud-talking, taking up space lady in a movie". Think back to that example. 

Was she somehow less feminine and perhaps even told off for being so? Or maybe your example is of a 'cool girl' who makes her own choices and doesn't take anyone else's sh**. But probably, she's the only girl in that film that was allowed to do this. (Which is now the new norm that we've progressed to - it's somewhere, but it's not good enough.)

It's hard to really get into it without your concrete examples at hand, but, as with the existence of these subway signs, we have to assume that this is a real thing that happens. Enough women express it, and, if they don't express it, perhaps imagine why they wouldn't.

(HINT: Because people tell them that it isn't a real thing and that they're overreacting)

Luckily, we have had some cultural revolutions pass over us that have brought awareness to points of view that were previously looked over. So now, it's our duty to take that awareness of larger issues and point it towards smaller ones. 

Like taking up less space on the subway. Or, in other cases, taking up more.

Thank you subways around the world for your help in the matter!



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