I started to write something down, deep in the caverns, to remember

To capture something, I can’t recall

But the sight of your turning head and cryptic smile had me wandering towards you

Leaving my pen behind

To lose ourselves in the hollows, the shining daggers reaching out but not reaching

How will I know what it was that I needed myself to remember if I didn’t write it down?

And will I come to regret this ceremonial abandonment of pen to paper for a deeper dive with you?

All I can recall is the winding descent and your bright eyes shining forward and back, forward and back

Along the rocky darkness, exposing the cavernous exterior of our interior

After you’ve gone, my own bright eyes guide me to my piece of abandoned paper.

The etchings of an almost word is all I need to remember that what I wanted to capture is you.

Why are you like this?

Why are you like this?