As I Lay In Loneliness

As I Lay In Loneliness

As I Lay In Loneliness

In the comfort of fake furs,

I evaluate my current fate

While the snowflakes flur.

If there were a person here,

Someone that I know,

Would that be more satisfactory

Then watching the snow?

I can’t think of someone who,

If they were here,

Wouldn’t want me to be a girl,

The version that I fear.

A girl who is so fun to be

Because she is adored,

But who will take it passively

Even if she’s bored.

Let us try some self-respect!

But no because they’ll go.

But would that be the worst thing:

Staring blankly at the snow?

If they were to leave me here,

Wouldn’t that feel good?

To know that in all those present

I am understood.

If only this awareness

Could wrap me in its hold;

Then I wouldn’t need to be deceived

And could enjoy the cold.

I'm sure she felt the same

I'm sure she felt the same