Why are you like this?

Why are you like this?

I wrap my hands so tightly around my heart

That I barely let the thing beat on its own.

There, it’s surrounded by the illusion of safety:

My desperate hands holding all of me together

Like a racoon in the night, unable to let go of the precious jewel in its greedy grasp

If it would, it would find


I want to release me from this self-imposed burden

This caring that I do so well

This quote unquote passion that quote unquote burns in me

But I wrap my hands so tightly around my heart

To prove to [only] myself that I’m not worthless

Too proud to let go and stick out a welcoming hand

Too ambitious to imagine any other path to success

I don’t build walls, no you can see the thing beating through my fingers

But it’s wrapped up so tightly that the only thing choking is me.

Yet To Be Named

Yet To Be Named